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Pipeline and BC007 Mode of Action

Our candidate BC007 is a non-modified DNA aptamer out of a family of aptamers that bind to and lead to the neutralization of autoantibodies that are directed against G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCR-AABs). BC007 binds to ß1-adrenergic-receptor-autoantibodies.

The comprehensive preclinical test program of BC007 was concluded and a phase-1 clinical trial for the indication of dilative cardiomyopathy is currently being conducted. This study includes a sub-group of subjects that are tested positive for GPCR-autoantibodies and which are otherwise healthy. The study design will allow the proof that BC007 can neutralize GPCR-autoantibodies in humans. The full study design is published on clinicaltrials.gov

In the future, we plan to expand the field of indications to other diseases which are associated with GPCR-autoantibodies using similar aptamers out of our proprietary APTACURES-platform of GPCR-AAB-binding-aptamers.



Mode of Action

This video sequence demonstrates the mechanism of action of BC007


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